Blog Post 1: Initial Reaction


By Hector Rodriquez

Soon after this semester began, my group from Media Programming and I met with Carrie Kuehl, the Executive Director, and Gina Johnson, the Project Manager, at Waco’s Animal Birth Control Clinic (ABC). When I arrived a few minutes before the rest of my group, I was a little bit worried that I would be in the way taking up valuable space their canine, feline or human species of customers could be using. Instead, I was met with friendly faces, a nice welcome and plenty of pooches to learn the names of. abc.jpgWhen my group arrived shortly after, Carrie and Gina quickly introduced themselves and offered us a tour of the premises. Based on how busy it was, I found this gesture to be extraordinary and really displayed ABC’s dedication to people and their animals.

We were led through various rooms including where the dogs and cats were kept after surgery as well as the surgery room itself! We briefly chatted with some of the staff about the collective mission throughout ABC.

Finally, we discussed areas of interest in regard to this campaign. Just hearing about what ABC stands for and how the people who work there talk about it has made me really excited to be a part of this group. I am excited to start implementing strategies and tactics to work toward my group’s and ABC’s goals.

ABC already implements social media to an extent, and they have a blog on their website. This is more than a lot of non-profits are equipped with, and I praise them for even producing videos. They’ve linked a “Post-Op Care” Video on their website,

I left ABC feeling good for having been assigned to this non-profit. Their mission and views really align with my own, and if there’s something I’m more passionate about than humans, it’s definitely pets.



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