Goals & Objectives


By Hector Rodriquez

February 13, 2017

After all the preliminary introductions were completed at our meeting with Animal Birth Control Clinic, we targeted some goals and objectives. Primarily, we sought out to put together a plan in the event of a fire. This sounds like a doomsday-prep to a point, but it really is essential to have in place a plan that lists out everything you need to do in the event of a fire. From where the animals need to be taken to talking points for the media, the main objective of putting this plan together is timeliness. In the unlikely event of a fire, nobody is going to have time to plan all of these instructions and furthermore deliver them to be acted upon. Rather, we need to have these in place beforehand, preemptively ensuring that ABC is prepared.


While preparing for a fire is our core objective, we also have a goal of providing information about what kinds of donations are needed. Too many times volunteers are willing to help, but the help they’re offering isn’t exactly the kind of help that the organization needs at that certain time. Getting word out, likely on social media, saying “We need X this week, X next week and X the following week,” will eliminate wastefulness and encourage efficiency. ABC is definitely thankful for the help it receives, but narrowing it down to receiving the help it needs will help to make ABC even more efficient and productive. A great way to disperse this information would be on their already-existing blog. They link it on their homepage for easy access to visitors, and it provides priceless information to people dedicated to helping ABC.

ABC provides so much help for the community, and they try to get information about the severity of importance to spay/neuter your animals, so I am very passionate and excited to help ABC get the help they’re needing!




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